Fuel Oil Treatment Programs

HydroTechs FT Series of fuel oil treatment programs enable boiler operators and engineers to control fuel chemistry during every stage of the combustion process. Our products prevent fuel oil storage problems, control slag and soot formation during the combustion process, and prevent costly cold end corrosion.

Pre-combustion treatments minimize corrosion and sludge formation in boiler fuel oil storage tanks, lines, and strainers. These treatments are specially formulated to stabilize fuel and prevent water from corroding fuel oil storage tanks. Maintaining the proper concentration of treatment can eliminate expensive fuel tank cleaning to remove sludge and accumulated water. Regular use of pretreatment additives has been shown effective in preventing sudden, unscheduled plant shutdowns caused by plugged fuel oil suction lines and strainers.

HydroTech Services, Inc. has combustion improvers for every grade of fuel oil. When using residual fuel oils our combustion catalysts control the formation of slag and soot while allowing boilers to be fired with the minimum level of excess air. In addition, these specialty treatments reduce damaging cold end corrosion.